Social responsibility

Being a company that values social responsibility, Gemius SA takes active part in activities dedicated to development of the internet market and supports a large number of social campaigns.

Within the framework of the comprehensive "Internet for social campaigns" project in Poland, we enable conducting of internet social campaigns and provide professional research tools, such as gemiusTraffic, gemiusAdHoc and gemiusEffect.

Gemius SA's cooperation with non-governmental organizations is carried out in three areas:

  • Ad campaigns on the internet

    Gemius SA, in cooperation with  stat24 and PBI, helps conduct social campaigns on the internet. Social advertisements are displayed on over 20,000 websites which use free statistics offered by (, in agreement with PBI ( Making an advertising area accessible to non-governmental organizations allows them to launch long-term charitable campaigns and strengthens distinctiveness of a specific message aimed at the internet community.

  • Web site monitoring

    Gemius SA, by means of the gemiusTraffic, constantly monitors the non-governmental organizations' web sites free of charge. Monitoring traffic on the websites allows the organizations to optimize the content and appearance of their web sites.

  • Survey research 

    In 2007, Gemius SA was honoured by the Responsible Business Forum. The "Internet for social campaigns" programme was mentioned in the "Odpowiedzialny Biznes w Polsce" (responsible business in Poland) report as one of the best social initiatives of 2006.

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